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There’s a "conspiracy of convenience" between many learning and development managers and business managers – and it serves as a barrier to effective L&D operations


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Training Industry Quarterly Articles:

Winter 2012
'Real' learning: the role of context

Summer 2011
Working Smarter: new ways of learning

Spring 2011
Learning Infrastructure: adjusting focus

Fall 2010
Key Skills for High Performance

Summer 2010
Push to Pull: exploring training models

Spring 2010
Manager Input: vital for learning success

Winter 2010
The Growth of Business Process Guidance

Fall 2009
Focusing on Strategy & Governance

Summer 2009
Experiential Learning in the Workplace

Other Papers, Articles, Interviews etc.

REPORT: 'Next Generation Digital Learning Strategies' - 120 page report. Author: Charles Jennings. Publisher: The ARK Group - April 2012

BOOK: 'Working Smarter Fieldbook' - 427 page paperback written by the Internet Time Alliance - Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn - December 2011

On Learning at Work - a review of 'approaches for supporting learning in the workplace'. July 2011

Effective Learning with 70-20-10: the new frontier for the extended enterprise. White Paper written with Jérôme Wargnier for CrossKnowledge. June 2011

Suite of Video interviews by Cofacio. January 2011

    a. The 70:20:10 model for Learning & Development

    b. Successful Examples of Informal Learning

    c. Sharing Tacit Knowledge through Informal Learning

    d. How Information Overload Impacts Training

    e. Performance Support as an Alternative to Formal Training

    f. Training the Younger Generation

    g. Social Technologies in the Workplace

    h. ePSS - Electronic Performance Support Systems

A Match Made in Heaven? - in Mohive Newsletter, May 2010

Less is More: A Different Approach to L&D in a World Awash with Information - TrainingZone, April 2010

Learning on the Job - article in Global Focus, the journal of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Volume 4 Issue 1, 2010

The Growth of Business Process Guidance - column in Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2010

Embedding Workplace Learning into Organisational Culture (video) - Institute of Work-Based Learning, Middlesex University, November 2009 

Four Heads are Better than One: Social and Collaborative Learning - Xyleme Voices interview, November 2009

Focus on Informal Learning Strategy & Governance - column in Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009

Program for Failure - BRW, Australia, September 2009

Experiential Learning in the Workplace - Training Industry Quarterly, September 2009

How not to Train - TrainingZone, July 2009

Who needs learning objectives? - TrainingZone, July 2009

Three Step L&D Strategy - TrainingZone, June 2009

Stop talking learning: Start talking business - HRZone, April 2009

The Skillset of the Learning and Development Professional  - (podcast) interview with Learning Technologies magazine, March 2009

How Learning & Development Should Work with Business - (podcast) ITPro Portal, March 2009

The Skillset of the Learning and Development Professional (podcast) - ITPro Portal, March 2009

How Learning and Development Should Work with Business - ITProPortal.com, March 2009

Next Generation Learning @ Work - Towards Maturity, December 2008

A Profile of Charles Jennings. TrainingZone Magazine. May 2008

The Point-of-Need: where effective learning really matters - Saffron Interactive 'Advance' series of publications, April 2008

Reflections on the 2007 learning and development survey – Latest Trends in learning, training and development - e-learning-reviews, June 2007

Learning and development - episode 7 - CIPD, May 2007

A profile of Charles Jennings - Trainingzone, April 2007

TOP 10 TOOLS 2007 & 2008 - Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, January 2007

Newsman learns by the 70:20:10 rule - Sydney Morning Herald, November, 2006

Conspiracy of Convenience in Training Must End - NewswireToday, July 2006

Learning for Performance - Trainingzone, January 2006

Kineo Interview with Charles Jennings - Kineo, January 2006

Money Programme Interview - Learning and Development, May 2005

Spotlight on Charles Jennings - Training Journal, June 2004